Selected portfolio works 

Art Practice

I love the processes of working in layers, building up surfaces in rich colours and creating beautiful visual textures.

Glenda Borchard art

I work predominantly in acrylic paint on canvas. I work with strong colour palettes and draw my influences from a broad range of artists and practices – most noticeably the painterly techniques of the Renaissance (artists sought to suspend coloured pigments in oil to create a glaze where light would create a rich transparency in the thin applications of paint).

In my work I re-contextualise this technique giving my own modern spin through glazing in acrylics, wash over wash, laying colours over colours to create depth in the composition.

My artwork explores themes that I revisit periodically, re-working and re-interpreting to create new meaning.

I give attention to the compositional elements, sometimes surreal and sometimes abstract. I enjoy exploring the naive art processes which at times creates artworks that are highly stylised, with an interest in flattening perspectives, akin to modernist styles.

Ultimately the focus of my work is to create artwork that draws the viewer in, creates a curiosity and connection, while allowing a window into my own personal world and history.

2021 – 2011

2010 – 2001

Early Works